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Baby Massage

What oil can I use on my baby?

It is recommended by IAIM to use a cold pressed vegetable oil, as this is edible and allows the baby to smell the mother as opposed to perfumed oil.

My baby has Eczema, can I still use oil?

You can still use cold pressed vegetable oil, but if you would prefer you are able to use your baby’s Eczema creams prescribed by the G.P.

Will my baby enjoy it?

If your baby is in the right behavioural state for a massage, then they will enjoy being touched.  Some babies prefer being massaged in particular areas of their bodies and others like the whole massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Are the oils safe for me to use during pregnancy?

Yes, the oils I use are at a lower dilution than normally used in Aromatherapy massage, so very safe for you and your baby.  There are particular Essential oils that are better at alleviating specific symptoms, e.g. Cypress oil for leg cramps.

How would you perform Pregnancy massage?

 I would ask my client to lie on the couch on her side with pillows under bump or legs to make sure she is comfortable.  The client will be covered with 2 bath towels and only the area being massaged would be exposed.

How often can I have a massage?

You can have regular massages from early on in pregnancy right up until you give birth.  These could be weekly or monthly dependant on clients’ needs.

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